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Sublime Flight’s 1st Ace Video

While filming the lead card during the final round of the Kings Cup X we caught an Ace on video. Chase Jernigan through his KC Pro Roc into the heart of the chains to earn his 6th career hole in one. It was his 3rd tournament ace and his first that was captured on camera. Seasoned pros Terry Gallops and Barry Shultz saw the amazing throw and were quick to congratulate this disc golfer for his achievement. Chase was kind enough to provide an interview and this video features part of the awards ceremony as well. The song featured is “Severe Tire Damage”by Kevin McLeod. Hopefully, this will the be first ace of many that we film. Check out the Video tab on for more Kings Cup videos.

Charlotte Masters Championship 2015 Video

On April 4th 2015 Barry Shultz won the Charlotte Masters Championship at the Scrapyard disc golf course at Idlewild Park. Sublime Flight captured some great footage that can be viewed in the video below this post. Barry had an amazing final round, along with an impressive round from Dennis Young and some unbelievable putts from veteran disc golfer Johnny Sias.
Barry unveiled the return of the original mold Innova Beast which is a fan favorite due to its more overstable qualities compared to the Beast-L (2x Barry) disc that has been available since 2006. The footage on the video features a conversation between Johnny, Barry and Prodigy sponsored player Jeremy Koling regarding the return of the original Beast disc. Shultz, the two time World Champion, also expresses his hopes that the Beast disc will be offered in Champion Plastic during the awards ceremony. The video shows first place winners in all devisions.
     The Scrapyard Disc Golf Course at Idlewild, which is highly technical, requires player to throw extremely controlled shots in order to stay in the fairway. This type of technical course layout, which tends to be tight when compared to the open fairways that are found on courses in other parts of the United States, is more common to the North Carolina. There are some beautiful scenic shots featuring the lake on hole 8 and 9. The group shot a Star Birdies on hole 8 over the the water. Please subscribe to the Sublime Flight channel on YouTube to see our latest disc golf videos and be sure to check out our next video that features a Charity fundraiser Showdown event between Sidearm World Distance Setter Scott Stokely and Top Ranked disc golfer Jeremy Koling.

Disc is the Proper Term

Top 5 Reasons It’s Disc Golf Not Frisbee Golf

Reason #5 Disc is the Proper Term-
     Calling an object by its root name is proper. A round flat object is referred to as a disc. Then, depending on its purpose, it can be named something else for clarity. A CD (compact disc) can be used to listen to music. A pie pan can be used for baking. A hubcap can decorate a wheel. And a golf disc can be used for playing Frisbee Golf, I mean DISC GOLF.

Frisbee is a Brand Name

Top 5 Reasons It’s Disc Golf Not Frisbee Golf

Reason #4 Frisbee is a Brand Name-
In 1957 the toy company Wham-O trademarked the name Frisbee after Ivy League college students were seen using metal “Frisbie Pies Company” pans to throw for fun. (See Back to the Future 3 for a Frisbie Pie pan throwing demo by Marty Mcfly!)  Just as Q-tips are really cotton swabs and a Kleenex is actually a tissue, a Frisbee is a flying disc.
Currently, the greater majority of the public refers to these items using a brand name instead of the the items root name. Most Baby Boomers do not know what Disc Golf is, but many of them have heard of Frisbee Golf. That being said, if you go to a disc golf course, a disc golf tournament, or to a sporting goods store, 95% of the people there will call it a Disc. So, if you want to seem out of the loop, then stick to calling them Frisbees. You can call it basket golf and I sure people would still play it.

Dangerous Speeds

Top 5 Reasons It’s Disc Golf Not Frisbee Golf

Reason #3 
Dangerous Speeds-
The high speeds that most professional disc golfers throw their maximum distance drivers is enough to seriously injure anyone that is near the tee box or in the fairway. This is why no one should walk in front of a player who is about to throw a disc. Standing in front of a disc golf tee pad is like standing on home plate while a Baseball pitcher is throwing a fastball. It is wise to distance yourself from someone who is throwing a golf disc since their shot could even deflect off a tree and fly in your direction. On the other hand, for the most part, Frisbees will not do that much damage if they come into contact with someone since they are light weight and fly slower.


Sports Equipment

Top 5 Reasons It’s Disc Golf Not Frisbee Golf

Reason #2 Sports Equipment-
     Golf discs are sports equipment and Frisbees are toys. Each is manufactured for it’s respective purpose. Most Frisbees are brittle and will crack if they come in contact with a tree. Also, Frisbees do not stand up to the torque of fast arm speeds and will not fly far distances because of this reason. A golf disc is much more durable, it has better grip and each model is designed for one of a variety of flight paths meant for maneuvering around trees on a disc golf fairway.

Designed to be Thrown

Many people who are new to disc golf wonder, Why don’t they just call it Frisbee Golf?

Top 5 Reasons Why It’s Disc Golf Not Frisbee Golf

Reason #1 Designed to be Thrown-
     Golf discs were never meant to be caught by another person. For that reason, they were not designed to float slowly through the air making it easy for people to snatch from the sky. Most golf discs fly too fast to be used to play a game of catch with the exception of some putters like the Innova Sonic or Superhero.

Putt with Confidence

Top Ten Tips for Disc Golf Beginners
Tip #10 Putt with Confidence
     Focus on the target. Expect the disc to go in the basket before letting it go. Rock back and forth to get balance. Transfer your body weight and shake hands with the basket while springing your fingers out.

-Aim at the center pole and throw through the basket, not to the basket.

-If you miss, pay attention to what small adjustment would have ensured a “made” putt and replay the “made” putt in your mind. If you find yourself thinking about a missed putt, stop and think about the putt that you imagined making in your mind.

-Live in the NOW! Each throw is the only one that you can control. How well you adjust to setbacks will determine the outcome of your game.

Watch the Flight

Top Ten Tips for Disc Golf Beginners
Tip #9 Watch the Flight
     Learn how your discs fly and make small adjustments in your throws accordingly. It is important to visualize the flight of your disc before you throw but it is equally vital for you to see and learn from the results of your throw. Watching a disc’s entire flight path will also help you find your discs when they bounce off trees, slide under leaves or roll down a hill. If you ever have trouble finding your disc, look farther than you think it landed. Chances are, it travelled just slightly beyond where you suspected.

Account for Fade

Top Ten Tips for Disc Golf Beginners
Tip #8 Account for Fade
     Aim to the right of the basket when approaching and your disc will automatically fade to the left once its flight begins to slow down. (right handed player throwing backhand.) When driving, snap your wrist at the end of the throw to eject the disc from your hand. The more spin you put on your disc the longer it will fly without fading.