Carry Multiple Discs

Top Ten Tips for Disc Golf Beginners
Tip #1. Carry multiple discs.
     Carry at least a driver, a mid-range and a putter.

A. Putters have a thick profile which helps them grab the chains. They have slower flights and more glide, allowing them to float in the air for controlled putts.

B. Mid-range discs have medium thickness and the edges are not as blunt as a putter, so they fly faster and farther.

C. Drivers have sharp edges to allow them to slice through the air for maximum distance. They are designed to be thrown at faster speeds. Therefore, if they are not thrown hard enough, then the fade will kick in sooner than desired and will cut down on the distance of a flight. Learn to throw slower discs first and then move up to higher speed discs.

D. Disc flights vary depending on the disc model and its condition. You can use discs that tend to fly left or fly right instead of drastically changing your throwing technique to shape lines.

E. Discs sometimes crack or get lost under leaves or in water; carrying spares is recommended.