Throw Lightweight and Understable discs

Top Ten Tips for Disc Golf Beginners
Tip #4 Throw Lightweight and Understable discs.
     The lighter the disc, the less effort it takes to shape the desired flight lines. Start with medium to light-weight discs between 150-170 grams. Also try Blizzard discs to gain more distance from the tee. Recommended Blizzard discs for beginners: Vulcan, Beast and Katana. Keep in mind that in windy conditions, light-weight discs will be affected by the wind. Therefore, it is beneficial to carry some heavy weights as well.

-Understable discs are easier to turn over to create an S-curve shaped flight in the air allowing the disc to use more glide. This also will increase distance.

Recommended Understable discs:
Drivers: Roadrunner, Sidewinder, Avenger SS
Mid-range: Comet, Stingray, Foxbat
Putters: Aero, Dart, XD

-As your technique improves and you begin to turn over your drives (from the tee), when this happens it is time for you to move up in weight of discs and stability of discs.