Throw Side-Arm

Top Ten Tips for Disc Golf Beginners
Tip #3. Throw Side-Arm
     Develop your backhand and side-arm(flicks) early on. Throwing side-arm confidently when you are on a wooded course will give you a huge benefit over the many players who only throw backhand. Surprisingly, many beginners can throw side-arm far and accurately with less effort than they can just using a backhand throw.

A. Grip the disc with your index and middle finger under the rim and your thumb on the top of the disc.

B. Use your hand like a whip and snap your wrist to eject the disc from your hand.

C. Keep the disc level with the horizon as you shift your weight forward and imagine that you are skipping a stone over the surface of a pond.

D. Keep in mind that since it is easier to generate more power using this technique, you may want to start with slightly more stable drivers when throwing side-arm(Sidearm Disc Recommendations: Banshee, Viking)( A Firebird is a very overstable disc that will not turnover and is great for hook shots.)