What is Disc Golf?

Disc Golf is an outdoor game that is played a lot like traditional Golf (Ball Golf). The player must play through an eighteen hole course by throwing a Frisbee-like Disc from a concrete Tee Pad into a metal basket in the fewest number of throws. The basket has chains hanging above it to help catch the player’s Disc. The player who has the fewest number of throws at the end of the 18 hole course wins. There are a variety of course designs across the world. Some courses are very technical and are laid out in wooded areas with obstacles that force players to maneuver past them in order to reach the basket, while other courses are much more open which allows players who throw longs distances to have an advantage. Disc Golf is a fun, inexpensive and rewarding sport that can be enjoyed by players of any age. Visit our online shop and pick up some discs and visit your local course today.