Charlotte Masters Championship 2015 Video

On April 4th 2015 Barry Shultz won the Charlotte Masters Championship at the Scrapyard disc golf course at Idlewild Park. Sublime Flight captured some great footage that can be viewed in the video below this post. Barry had an amazing final round, along with an impressive round from Dennis Young and some unbelievable putts from veteran disc golfer Johnny Sias.
Barry unveiled the return of the original mold Innova Beast which is a fan favorite due to its more overstable qualities compared to the Beast-L (2x Barry) disc that has been available since 2006. The footage on the video features a conversation between Johnny, Barry and Prodigy sponsored player Jeremy Koling regarding the return of the original Beast disc. Shultz, the two time World Champion, also expresses his hopes that the Beast disc will be offered in Champion Plastic during the awards ceremony. The video shows first place winners in all devisions.
     The Scrapyard Disc Golf Course at Idlewild, which is highly technical, requires player to throw extremely controlled shots in order to stay in the fairway. This type of technical course layout, which tends to be tight when compared to the open fairways that are found on courses in other parts of the United States, is more common to the North Carolina. There are some beautiful scenic shots featuring the lake on hole 8 and 9. The group shot a Star Birdies on hole 8 over the the water. Please subscribe to the Sublime Flight channel on YouTube to see our latest disc golf videos and be sure to check out our next video that features a Charity fundraiser Showdown event between Sidearm World Distance Setter Scott Stokely and Top Ranked disc golfer Jeremy Koling.