Frisbee is a Brand Name

Top 5 Reasons It’s Disc Golf Not Frisbee Golf

Reason #4 Frisbee is a Brand Name-
In 1957 the toy company Wham-O trademarked the name Frisbee after Ivy League college students were seen using metal “Frisbie Pies Company” pans to throw for fun. (See Back to the Future 3 for a Frisbie Pie pan throwing demo by Marty Mcfly!)  Just as Q-tips are really cotton swabs and a Kleenex is actually a tissue, a Frisbee is a flying disc.
Currently, the greater majority of the public refers to these items using a brand name instead of the the items root name. Most Baby Boomers do not know what Disc Golf is, but many of them have heard of Frisbee Golf. That being said, if you go to a disc golf course, a disc golf tournament, or to a sporting goods store, 95% of the people there will call it a Disc. So, if you want to seem out of the loop, then stick to calling them Frisbees. You can call it basket golf and I sure people would still play it.