Putt with Confidence

The best way to improve your score in disc golf is to putt well. Putting performance tends to  affect a players driving and approach game as well. Putting with confidence is the key to performing at your peak level. Here are some tips to help you build confidence while putting.

1. Visualize & Commit to each shot.
See the disc’s flight coming from the basket back to your hand. This will help you find a flight line. Decide on that shot and completely commit to it before you throw.

2. Believe
Expect that the disc is going in the basket. If there is a shred of doubt, then you have already missed. Expectations are very important. You will get what you are looking for. 

3. Focus on your target
You should focus on your target and nothing else. The best target to focus on is the pole in the center of the basket. Depending on elevation and wind conditions, you will need to adjust your target to ensure that your disc hits the pole.

4. Throw Through It, Not To It
If you throw with only enough power to get to the basket you will find that your putts will often fall just inches short. Always practice putting with good form but be aggressive to ensure adequate power.

5. Make Close Putts
One tip that will help you build confidence just prior to your tournament tee time is to focus on making close putts. If you watch the majority of players who are warming up, they are doing it wrong. Most players are throwing putts on the practice basket from about 30 feet away. You should start putting from about 12 feet away. Once you are consistently making putts, then you can move back a foot at a time as long as you continue to make putts. If you miss putts then take a step closer. Have the courage to go against the crowd if you are willing to practice to win.

We hope that by applying these tips you will build the confidence to allow you make more putts when it counts. By the way, it always counts in tournaments, so make it count in practice. Let us know if any of these tips have been helpful in your game.