What makes Disc Golf Great?

Would you like to play a rapidly growing sport that is easy to get started in and is lots of fun to play? Disc Golf has many terrific qualities that make it different that any other sport and below we have outlined a few of them.

1. It is free to play recreational Disc Golf. Discs are the only thing the player must buy and we recommended to play with at least three discs. (A driver, a midrange and a putter.)

2. Discs are designed to fly differently which makes watching the disc flight very interesting especially when the disc lands on the green. Types of flights: Straight, Hyzer(left), Anhyzer(right), Loft, Roller and the distance S shot.

3. There are different types of throws that control the flight of the disc which adds an even greater element of variety. Types of Throws: Backhand, Forehand(Flick or Side-arm), thumber and tomahawk

4. Disc Golf is a Lifetime sport which means all age groups can play. Most courses have Pro and Am pads that the recreational player may choose to throw from.

5. Disc golf is physical activity that incorporates the beauty of nature. This sport helps to develop flexibility and muscle memory. Get a healthy dose fresh air and exercise by walking the fairways which often resemble a hiking trail more than a ball golf fairway. Hear the calming sounds of wildlife and admire the ancient trees that surround the course.

6. Disc golf is a game that can be used to develop mental toughness. Patience, focus, concentration, edict, communication skills and sportsmanship are a few of the qualities that can be enhanced by playing disc golf.

Now find out for yourself how much fun you can have playing this challenging and rewarding game. Find your nearest disc golf course and go out and let her fly!